Top 5 Barriers Slowing Down Your Hiring Process (and How to Fix Them!)

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  • Top 5 Barriers Slowing Down Your Hiring Process (and How to Fix Them!)

Top 5 Barriers Slowing Down Your Hiring Process (and How to Fix Them!)

Hiring new employees is essential for any company that wants to grow and succeed. However, the hiring process can often be slow and full of obstacles, and this can lead to numerous adverse outcomes.

For example, a slow hiring process will likely lead to losing top candidates and poor candidate experience. In addition, the longer an important position stays vacant, the more productivity a company loses. And, of course, leaving an important role open for a long time leads to increased hiring costs.

But the great news is that all these obstacles can be easily overcome if you promptly identify the setbacks. In this article, we bring you the most common barriers that slow down a company’s hiring process and advice on how to fix them!

Top 5 Barriers Slowing Down Your Hiring Process

1. Attracting the Wrong Candidates

One of the most common barriers to a fast and successful hiring process is attracting the wrong candidates. This can happen for many reasons.

Most commonly, your job ad is to blame. Poorly written job descriptions that contain errors or contain too vague requirements will result in a large number of applications from unqualified candidates.

The first step to a fast and efficient hiring process is attracting the suitable candidates. And the best way to do so is by writing clear and straightforward job descriptions.

2. A Small Pool of Candidates

Another common barrier to a fast hiring process is having too small of a pool of candidates to choose from. This can happen for many reasons, but the most common one is that companies are not using enough channels to reach potential candidates.

The best way to overcome this obstacle is by using as many recruitment channels as possible. This includes job boards,  social media, employee referral programs, and recruitment agencies.

3. Lack of Communication

Lack of communication is another big obstacle that can slow down your hiring process. It can cause confusion and misunderstandings between the hiring manager, the recruiting team, and the candidates. This often leads to a lot of wasted time and frustration on all sides.

The best way to overcome this obstacle is by establishing clear communication channels and protocols from the start. Make sure everyone involved in the hiring process is on the same page and knows what their role is.



4. Manual Data & Applications Entry

One of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks in the hiring process is manually entering candidate data into your applicant tracking system (ATS). This is usually done by the recruiting team after each job interview.

If your company is still doing this, it’s time to switch to an automated solution. There are many excellent applicant tracking systems on the market that can automate this process for you. This will save your recruiting team a lot of time and make your hiring process much more efficient.

5. Lack of Employee Referrals

Employee referrals are one of the most effective ways to find great candidates. They often lead to faster hires and better candidate quality. However, many companies don’t have an employee referral program in place.

If you want to make your hiring process faster and more efficient, it’s time to start an employee referral program. Encourage your employees to refer candidates they know would be a good fit for the company. Offer incentives for successful referrals. This will help you attract great candidates and fill open positions much faster.


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