Popcorn Recruiters Academy 2022

  • Popcorn Recruiters Academy 2022

Location: Online

Popcorn Recruiters Academy


Application deadline: 27.09.

Price: Free


Who Are Popcorn Recruiters?

Popcorn Recruiters is the only specialized IT recruitment agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina and one of the leading recruitment agencies in the Balkan region.

We are proud to say that we have cooperated with numerous influential companies, local and international, including Infobip, Symphony, Mistral, DDC MLS, Rimac Automobili, Randstad CZ, AT&T, and more.

Why are we talking about our client portfolio? To work with all these big and influential companies and gain their trust, our team must consist of experts who can deliver excellent results.


Why Should You Sign Up for the Academy?

Popcorn Recruiters Academy is your unique opportunity to gain essential knowledge about the recruitment industry and jumpstart your career as a recruiter!

With our Academy, you get:

  • Free education by experienced agency recruiters
  • Develop essential skills for starting a career as a recruiter
  • Learn the secrets for more efficient communication with candidates & clients
  • Develop marketing skills essential for attracting candidates
  • Higher probability of landing a job as a recruiter

Most importantly, candidates who successfully complete the Academy will be considered for an internship at Popcorn Recruiters!


Who Should Apply?

Interested in recruitment, but you don’t have any previous experience? Don’t let that stop you!

We’re more than glad to help students, recent graduates, and first-time job seekers start their career journey in the recruitment industry.

You’re already working, but would like to switch careers?

Even if you have work experience, continuous learning keeps you competitive and up to date with the ever-changing industry trends. Improve your skills, discover the latest trends in recruitment, and start your journey as a recruiter.

We pride ourselves in our development process and aim to position ourselves as the market builders in the recruitment industry.

With the Popcorn Recruiters Academy, you will get the training needed to start your career as a recruiter!


Event Overview

Here are some of the topics you’ll get to learn about during the Popcorn Recruiters Academy:

  • Recruitment industry trends and practices
  • Personal branding & copywriting for recruiters
  • Candidate sourcing and interviewing
  • Introduction to recruitment marketing
  • Understanding the client’s perspective
  • And more!

The training will last from October 3rd to October 7th, 2022. The sessions will take approximately two hours per day, starting at 10:30 every day.

On the last day of the training, your knowledge will be tested so you can get your official Popcorn Recruiters certificate!

Ready to kickstart your career in recruitment? Apply now!

Don’t wait too long, as the number of attendees is limited.

We will review all applications and provide feedback within three working days after the application form is closed.

Applicants selected for the Academy will be contacted within three working days after the application form is closed.

For any additional information or questions, please reach out to us at sejla@popcornrecruiters.com