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Popcorn Recruiters joined forces with Talentor International

We knew we wanted to take our recruitment business to the next level. So, when the opportunity arose to join forces with Talentor International – one of the world’s top 40 executive search networks and a leading global recruitment organization – Popcorn Recruiters were eager to move forward.  

What does this mean for Popcorn Recruiters? Talentor group is present in 33 countries, so we’ll make our recruitment efforts visible and possible internationally and move beyond the Balkan region.   

By expanding beyond the Balkan region, Popcorn Recruiters are now able to connect clients and candidates from all over the world. This opened up competitive career opportunities for candidates across the globe, with already over 400 job openings available through Talentor partners at any given time. 

Who is Talentor International?

Talentor is a global executive search network and recruitment organization that connects passionate professionals. They specialize in finding the perfect fit for middle and upper management roles and build relationships with like-minded individuals who share their quality standards while growing their network. 

Talentor uses the latest recruitment technology to ensure fast execution for clients, providing them with access to a wide pool of talent and a streamlined recruitment process. With years of experience providing quality client services, Talentor is committed to finding the best fit for any organization. 

Talentor International is present in 33 countries with offices all around the world. The company works closely with clients to hone their skills and gain the necessary knowledge they need through one-on-one sessions, seminars, and workshops. Their main goal is to help individuals maximize their potential and succeed in achieving their life ambitions.

What does this mean for Popcorn Recruiters?

Popcorn Recruiters have just made a significant step towards success. With our decision to expand beyond the Balkan region, we have opened up a world of possibilities for both clients and candidates.  

We now can connect with people from all over the globe and also develop relationships with recruitment partners in other countries. By doing this, we are now better positioned to take advantage of opportunities that might arise outside of our current region.  

With the new possibilities opened up to Popcorn Recruiters, our clients can be sure that their recruitment needs will be satisfied. When a position arises outside our industry or geographic area, we can reach out to our partners in that specific country and ensure that the position is filled with the right candidate.  

For our candidates, we are opening many competitive career opportunities across the globe, and there are already more than 400 job openings available with Talentor partners. We understand that the right career opportunity can take you places. That is why Talentor Group works hard to offer many competitive career opportunities globally.  

The chance to join the Talentor group was a thrilling one for everyone involved. We also had the chance to meet with the Talentor representatives in Sarajevo and spend two days getting to know each other better and building relationships, as well as envisioning the potential of our partnership.  

Our main goal remains the same: matching our candidates to their perfect job and helping our clients improve their recruitment process. We want to cut lead times and quickly fill positions throughout Europe, giving everyone something to be happy about!  

Now we are looking forward to cooperative projects, successful stories, and unforgettable experiences!