5 Job Interview Skills You Need to Get Hired

5 Job Interview Skills You Need to Get Hired

No matter how many job interviews you’ve attended, they can still be a nerve-wracking experience. Even though most jobs don’t require smooth-talking skills, getting through the interview often does.

While you will likely be discussing your experience and technical skills during a job interview, your interviewing skills are what can help you get the job more easily. In this article, we’ll teach you what job interview skills tend to help candidates land a job and what you can do to improve yours.

1. Body Language

Most of us are unaware of our body language. But, during a job interview, recruiters and interviewers will often pay attention to your gestures. So, you should be a bit more attentive to your body language and try to send the right message.

For example:

  • Lean in or sit up straight to show you’re interested.
  • Keep eye contact so you look honest, but don’t just lock in a stare, because then you look aggressive.
  • Don’t nod too much. Yes, you want to show agreement, but nodding too much might make you look like you lost interest.

2. Prepare for Common Interview Questions

Each interviewer has a different set of questions they are going to ask you. However, some common questions are going to appear during almost every job interview. And, surprisingly, a lot of candidates fail to answer common interview questions properly.

Make sure to brainstorm a list of possible questions, such as “Why do you want this job” or “Do you have any questions for us,” and work on your answers.

3. Take Time to Consider Your Response

It is normal to feel under pressure during a job interview. As a result, candidates tend to rush their answers and fail to get their points across effectively. The ability to plan a considered response to an interview question is of great value.

Of course, it’s not advisable to sit in silence for a minute thinking about what to say. However, you can buy yourself some valuable time with the following tactics:

  • Repeat the question back to the interviewer
  • Rephrase the question to make it clear you understand what is being asked
  • Use phrases such as “That’s an interesting question”

4. Communicate Calmly and Clearly

In addition to taking time to consider your response, being able to speak calmly and clearly in high-pressure situations is a beneficial interview skill. Even when you take time to think of your response, you might get tempted to talk as quickly as possible so you could communicate as much information as you can.

However, this can make you look flustered, under pressure, and also a bit difficult to understand. So, don’t forget to breathe and slow down when talking during an interview.

5. Listen Actively

Your mind can easily wander during an interview. You might start thinking about your last answer or try to anticipate the next question. But, this can prevent you from listening properly and hamper your performance further.

During a job interview, try to focus on your interviewer and what they are asking you. In turn, this will help you give better answers.

Have an interview coming up? Don’t panic! Prepare in advance with these tips and you’ll do a great job. Also, our team at Popcorn Recruiters can also help you out!

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