Tricky Interview Questions: 5 Tips to Answer the “How Do You Stay Organized” Question

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  • Tricky Interview Questions: 5 Tips to Answer the “How Do You Stay Organized” Question

Tricky Interview Questions: 5 Tips to Answer the "How Do You Stay Organized" Question

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Organization is key in any work environment – it can help with time management, efficiency, and overall productivity. So it’s no surprise that interviewers often ask candidates how they stay organized.

While this may seem a simple question, it can be tricky to answer. After all, you don’t want to come across as disorganized or unprofessional just because you haven’t thought about your organizational strategies.

All you have to do is just think about what you do regularly and shape it into a response. And we’ll teach you how to do that!

Why Interviewers Ask Candidates “How do You Stay Organized?”

There are several reasons why interviewers may ask candidates about their organizational skills. For one, they want to know if you have any strategies in place to help you manage your time and tasks. They also want to see if you can stay on top of things even when you feel overwhelmed or stressed.

Additionally, this question allows interviewers to gauge your level of self-awareness. For example, if you’re able to identify your organizational weaknesses and have strategies in place to overcome them, that shows that you’re aware of your limitations and are proactively working to improve yourself.

And finally, this question allows interviewers to get a sense of your work ethic and whether you’re able to stay focused on your goals even when faced with challenges.


5 Tips to Answer the “How do You Stay Organized?” Question

Now that we’ve gone over why interviewers ask this question, let’s dive into our five tips on how to answer it:

1. Start with reassurance.

When you’re first asked the question, it’s essential to start with a reassuring statement. This shows the interviewer that you understand the importance of organization and have taken steps to ensure that you always stay organized.

For example, you could say something like, “Being organized helps me get things done efficiently.” It’s important to answer confidently and with a positive attitude.

2. Give a brief overview of your organizational strategies.

Then, it’s important to give a brief overview of your organizational strategies. This will give the interviewer a general sense of how you stay organized on a day-to-day basis.

For example, you might say something like, “I usually start my day by making a to-do list of all the tasks I need to complete. This helps me stay on track and ensure I do not forget anything.”

3. Go into the specifics.

Once you give a brief overview of your organizational methods, go into the details.  This will show the interviewer that you have a well-thought-out system in place and that you’re familiar with all aspects of it.

Explain to the interviewer exactly what you do, whether you use any tools or software to stay organized, and if there is a particular routine you follow.

4. Highlight how your organizational skills have helped you in the past.

After you’ve gone over all the specifics of your organization system, it’s time to highlight how it’s helped you in the past. This could be in your personal life or in your professional career.

Explain to the interviewer how staying organized helped you finish projects or how it has benefitted your team.  This will show that you’re not only organized but that your organizational skills positively impact those around you.

5. Keep your answer… well, organized

Your organizational skills can be noticed in the way you structure your answer. Don’t go rambling for five minutes about your skills, and make sure that you don’t lose the thread of the question.

Your answer should be short, sweet, and to the point, with a clear introduction, main points, and a closing statement.

Stick to the main points and end your answer with a firm conclusion. For example, you could say, “Overall, staying organized helps me stay on top of things, be more efficient, and have a positive impact on those around me.”

By following these tips, you can give a clear and concise answer that will show the interviewer that you’re organized and capable of handling any challenges that come your way.


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