Metaview Team interview

Metaview AI

Interview with the Metaview Team

  1. Could you give us a brief overview of Metaview and its mission in the recruitment landscape?

Metaview is the AI co-pilot for hiring. It completely eradicates the need for recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewers to take notes during recruiting calls because our AI is designed to take world-class notes for you.

Recruiters are saved from the drudgery of note-taking and can instead spend time on what actually matters: being present, curious and engaging with candidates, then making high-quality decisions based on insight, not memory. 

It also means your organization has 10x better data about every candidate you speak to, because you’re no longer relying on people to remember everything that was discussed and submit accurate notes. Unlike humans, Metaview never gets tired, doesn’t forget anything, and structures the notes perfectly. 

We use AI to help remove tedious tasks so recruiters can focus on the human aspects of the job.

2. How does Metaview’s technology enhance the interview process for both recruiters and candidates?

Metaview is a complete game-changer for recruiters throughout the hiring process, from intakes to screening calls, to interviews, to debriefs.

Metaview gives recruiters the freedom to really focus on the candidate and get the signal they need. It also means that recruiters and hiring teams have access to perfect data of everything that was discussed.

Perhaps the best part of all is that by automating tedious manual tasks like note-taking and writing up feedback for hiring managers, Metaview lets recruiters focus on the more human, higher-leverage parts of the job

On the candidate’s side, this means the candidate is getting a recruiter or interviewer who is 100% focused on them. And they can rest assured decisions are being made based on objective facts. Not fuzzy memories or even worse, gut feel.

3. Considering our audience frequently conducts interviews in Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian, what is Metaview’s current and planned language support for these interviews?

Today we support Croatian, along with 30+ other languages. We’re continuously adding new language support so watch this space for further updates! 

4. What sets Metaview apart from other interview tools?

There are many reasons we hear why Metaview is such a game-changer for recruiters.

First, it integrates seamlessly with all the tools you’re already using, so it immediately just works and you don’t need to make any changes to your existing workflow.

Second, our models are specifically designed for the nuances of recruiting so the accuracy and helpfulness of our notes and AI assistance is orders of magnitude better than generic alternatives.

Finally, Metaview automates some of the most tedious and time consuming parts of the job giving recruiters the time back to focus on what they love to do.

5. What future developments or features are in the pipeline for Metaview?

As the leading AI company in this space, we’ve got a pipeline of magical features lined up for this year and beyond that’ll completely change the way recruiting and team building gets done.

There’s no better and more impactful place for Human-Computer Symbiosis than in the most important activity companies undertake: hiring.