Outstaffing Companies: What Do They Do & When Do You Need One

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Outstaffing Companies: What Do They Do & When Do You Need One

Outstaffing is becoming more and more popular because it offers several advantages to companies. 

It enables companies to quickly acquire skilled professionals while avoiding the time and expense of a recruitment process.   

Also, outstaffing offers both companies and employees cost savings, flexibility, and job security that can’t be found with other staffing options. 

What is outstaffing? Is outstaffing the right choice for your company? Check out our blog to find the answers!  

Outstaffing Companies: What Do They Do & When Do You Need One

With recruitment outstaffing, you get a full-time, dedicated team you can integrate into your business. This remote team will work on behalf of your company.  

However, the main difference is that these people do not become full-time employees. Instead, you team up with an external recruitment agency and pay the salaries of the outstaffed team as a part of the monthly fees to the recruitment agency. 

The remote team is responsible for all the job duties but the outstaffing team is officially employed by an outsourcing agency. This means that the outsourcing agency is responsible for wages, bonuses, and all the necessary equipment, while the client provides an outstaffing team with tasks and assignments. 

What factors should you consider when choosing an outstaffing service?

When choosing an external recruitment agency, there are a few things you should consider:  

  • Company’s experience and solutions that meet your needs 

Look for a provider with the expertise and experience to handle the type of project you want to outstaff. The more experienced they are, the better equipped they will be to deliver high-quality results within your budget and timeline. 

  • Communication 

You need a provider who is easy to communicate with and responds promptly to questions or concerns you may have. Find out what their communication process looks like and how quickly they can turn around suggestions or changes.  

  • The overall cost of services  

Outstaffing can effectively reduce costs, so make sure you compare services from multiple providers. Look out for hidden fees or charges that could add to your total bill. 

Outstaffing Pros

Here are some of the benefits of outstaffing that are driving many businesses to use it:  

1. Great for emergencies  

If you have an open position that needs to be filled urgently, hiring an outstaffed team allows you to keep your project running without causing significant damage to the final product.  

 2. Full control  

Hiring an outstaffed team means bringing on an employee you can manage on an equal level with your regular team members. It allows you to have complete and direct control over the entire task completion process.  

3. Flexibility  

An external recruitment agency allows you to have flexible control over the number of hired employees in your teams. Depending on the current projects, you can increase or decrease the number of tailored contractors as needed. 

Which type of staffing solutions should you use?

The type of staffing solutions you want to use depends on your company’s needs. There are three types of staffing solutions:  

1. Temporary staffing 

Temporary staffing is for short-term projects that don’t require a full-time employee. This type of staffing allows employers to fill positions quickly with skilled workers and can help them manage the workloads associated with seasonal business fluctuations, new product launches, and other special situations.  

Temporary staffing can also help employers test new workers before making a permanent hiring decision. This type of staffing is often used in a wide range of industries, such as information technology, customer service, and hospitality. 

2. Contract staffing 

Contract staffing is a popular solution for organizations when they need to fill a niche requirement, such as a specialized skillset or unique experience level not found within their existing employee base.  

Also, contract staffing is for businesses that urgently need permanent full-time employees. Contractors can often offer employers lower costs than the cost of onboarding and training a full-time, permanent employee. 

3. Direct hire staffing  

Direct hire staffing is the most popular option as it allows businesses to hire employees directly from a database of qualified candidates. Direct hire staffing saves time and energy and attracts a wider pool of candidates. But the crucial part is to choose a reliable recruitment staffing agency.  

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