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What is Recruitment Marketing: Definition and Benefits

In 2023, companies will be in a constant battle for top talent.   

And companies will find it impossible to attract top talent without a good recruitment marketing strategy. But what does that mean?  

Recruitment marketing uses marketing techniques to attract, engage, and convert candidates into employees.   

By taking a strategic approach to recruitment, you can ensure that you’re attracting the best talent for your open positions.   

What is recruitment marketing? How can it benefit your organization? Check out our blog to find out!  

What is Recruitment Marketing: Definition and Benefits

Recruitment marketing uses different marketing strategies to attract and engage top talent. These marketing strategies are: 

  • Employer branding 

Employer branding is all about how your company is perceived. It encompasses everything you do, from internal operations to external communications.  

Employer branding aims to position your business as an employer of choice for potential hires, both current and future. It encompasses your values, culture, mission, reputation, and more – all of which contribute to how attractive you are as an employer.  

  • Creating job ads and campaigns 

When it comes to creating job ads and campaigns, there are 3 things to keep in mind: 

  1. You need to know who your target audience is 
  2. Your job ads and campaigns need to be SEO-optimized 
  3. Provide as much detail as possible in your job postings and make sure to address the potential concerns of the candidate. 
  • Content creation to build relationships with potential candidates 

Having an active presence on social media is essential in today’s job market. According to Aspiration Marketing, one in every ten hires comes from social media.  

You need to consistently post content that your followers will find interesting and valuable so that they engage with it, and you can start building relationships with your target audience. 

Recruitment marketing vs. Recruiting

Recruitment marketing and recruiting are two distinct activities with different purposes.  

Recruitment marketing is the process of creating awareness about your job openings and attracting qualified candidates for them. It uses marketing strategies together with traditional recruitment practices. The goal is to create relationships with the audience by improving employer branding and company culture. 

Recruiting is assessing candidates and selecting the right one for the job. It involves interviewing, evaluating qualifications, verifying references, and ultimately making a hiring decision. The primary goal of recruiting is to identify talented individuals who will be successful in their roles at your organization. 

Ultimately, recruitment marketing and recruiting are both key components of talent acquisition that must work together for the hiring process to be successful. While recruitment marketing helps you find the right people for your jobs, recruiting allows you to ensure they’re the best fit for your company. 

Benefits of Recruitment Marketing

1. Minimizing hiring costs 

By targeting the most qualified candidate, you can reduce the spending on hiring fees, relocation costs, and recruitment advertising. Additionally, with the help of recruitment marketing tools such as applicant tracking systems (ATS) and advertising platforms like Facebook Ads or Google Ads, you can streamline your recruitment processes to make them more efficient and cost-effective. 

2. Raising the quality of candidates 

Recruitment marketing is an excellent way to attract high-quality job candidates. By creating and distributing content specifically tailored to the target audience, recruitment marketers can engage with jobseekers that are better suited for the position and would be more likely to stay with the organization in the long run.  

Additionally, having access to a larger, more diverse talent pool allows you to find the best candidates who fit your criteria. 

3. Improving the time to hire 

Recruitment marketing saves time and money by transforming followers into excellent candidates perfect for your business. By targeting the most qualified candidates and engaging with them through the recruitment process, employers can find talented individuals faster and more efficiently.  

4. Brand visibility and enhanced employer reputation  

Recruitment marketers use various tools to reach a wide-ranging audience and create awareness about the company.  

By crafting compelling messages that communicate the value proposition of working for the organization, employers can attract more potential job seekers and develop a better understanding of their employer brand.  

Additionally, having an effective recruitment strategy helps ensure that all job postings are seen by the right people and will lead to higher-quality candidates applying for open positions. 

 5. Measurable ROI 

Recruitment marketing can be a great way to increase your ROI. By using recruitment marketing strategies, you can: 

  • Find qualified candidates more quickly and cost-effectively,  
  • Reach passive jobseekers,  
  • Build relationships with potential candidates.  

These benefits create measurable ROI and make recruitment marketing a smart investment for any organization.  

You can further determine the ROI of recruiting marketing by tracking metrics such as time-to-fill, cost per hire, number of applications, and candidate quality. 

Is recruitment marketing the right choice for your business?

Every business wants to make the perfect hire, but it’s not always easy. 

As a company experiences difficulties in finding qualified candidates quickly, experiences high employee turnover rates, or needs to increase the visibility of its employer brand, professional recruitment marketing services could be the answer. 

The reality is that recruiting does take time and resources — but with recruitment marketing services, companies can streamline their efforts and maximize their chances of finding the perfect candidate for any open position. With these services, businesses can connect with potential job seekers efficiently and establish relationships that will lead to future success.  

Investing in recruitment marketing services may be the key to finding the right fit for your team.

Who are Popcorn Recruiters? 

Popcorn Recruiters is a recruitment agency with a significant difference: we’re border-less. Located in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, we are in touch with ambitious and talented professionals across Europe.    

With a deep pool of IT and foreign-language speaking talent, our Popcorn Recruiters are leading the way to successful matches.    

As a specialized agency for IT and operational business roles, Popcorn Recruiters also offer recruitment marketing services.    

We can help you craft job ads that attract high-quality applicants while building awareness and visibility around your company culture.

Looking to attract talented individuals?

Let’s get in touch! Set up a consultancy call with our team, and we’ll help you determine which recruitment service is the most suitable for your needs. 

Popcorn Recruiters helped Webhelp, a leading BPO company, form their first team in Sarajevo.   

This was no easy feat, as there are a few dominant BPO companies already in Sarajevo with good employer branding.  

In less than three months, we helped hire 40+ employees for Webhelp, and one of the key strategies that helped boost our recruitment efforts was a great recruitment marketing strategy for our client.