How did we hire a Senior .NET Developer in 12 days?

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How Did We Hire a Senior .NET Developer in 12 days?

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How Did We Hire a Senior .NET Developer in 12 days?

Breaking records yet again, we’ve achieved the feat of securing a Senior .NET Developer within a 12-day span during the first sprint.

TONI Digital, a rapidly growing insurance technology company in Switzerland, reached out to us and we had to find them a Senior .NET Developer. 

Erma, our Talent Acquisition Specialist, started working on July 21st and had already found a candidate with 5 years of experience by August 8th. 

While the search for Senior .NET Developers remains a challenge, our recruiters possess both certification and an adeptness with advanced tools, ensuring an effective strategy to identify the candidates.

And this time, we set a new speed recordhiring someone in just 12 days!

We already hired 2 developers for TONI Digital and one of them has over 8 years of experience. 

Need assistance hiring for other roles?

Erma has a knack for hiring all kinds of IT folks.

She’s helped find Security Engineers, Data Engineers, QA Engineers, Java Developers, Technical Fullstack Leads, Procurement Consultants, Frontend Developers, Senior PHP Developers, iOS Engineers, Embedded Test Engineers, and many more.

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Popcorn Recruiters is a recruitment agency with a significant difference: we’re border-less. Located in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, we are in touch with ambitious and talented professionals across Europe.    

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As a specialized agency for IT and operational business roles, Popcorn Recruiters also offer recruitment marketing services.    

We can help you craft job ads that attract high-quality applicants while building awareness and visibility around your company culture.

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