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Talentor Western Balkans: A new division for executive search

Executive search in the Balkan

Popcorn Recruiters saw great potential in the Western Balkans market and believed that the region has much to offer regarding talent and innovation. However, Popcorn also knew that organizations faced challenges finding the right leaders and business professionals to drive success.

That’s why Popcorn launched the Talentor Western Balkans division, to help organizations in the region find the right people to lead and grow their businesses.

Our journey

Our journey began in 2018 when Popcorn Recruiters was founded, with a focus on IT recruitment. We quickly expanded our services to include a wider range of business roles, and in 2023 became part of Talentor International, a global network of recruitment agencies with over 500 offices in 40 countries.

By expanding beyond the Balkan region, Popcorn Recruiters can now connect clients and candidates from all over the world. This opened up competitive career opportunities for candidates globally, with over 400 job openings available through Talentor partners at any given time.

What is executive search & how does it work?

Executive search is a specialized recruitment process that focuses on finding and placing senior-level executives and managers.

It involves finding and engaging with the most qualified individuals for critical leadership positions within an organization. The recruitment process is longer than usual and requires patience and effective communication.

Other services that Talentor Western Balkans offers include:

  • Interim management – a temporary placement of experienced and qualified executives
  • Business position recruitment – recruitment of all other business positions regardless of industry
  • Retained recruitment

The benefits of executive search

Many companies turn to agencies due to the challenge of attracting experienced executives for leadership positions, especially since these individuals are not actively looking for a job and may require outreach efforts.

Companies may also lack the internal resources or expertise to conduct the search and assessment process for these roles effectively.

Here are some of the main benefits of executive search services:

  • Executive search recruiters are experienced in sourcing senior-level candidates and getting them to consider a position they were not actively seeking
  • An agency offers access to a large pool of candidates through its network, industry connections, and referrals
  • Internal recruitment departments often require additional help as this process requires extensive search

About Talentor

Talentor is an executive search and recruitment organization for middle and upper management positions, with a presence in 40 countries.

A global network of partners allows Talentor to connect clients and candidates from all over the world, regardless of sector and size.

To learn more about Talentor, visit: https://talentor.com


Need help attracting the right executives for your leadership positions?

These individuals are not actively looking for a job and often require outreach efforts.

Talentor WB helps solve these problems by providing access to a large pool of qualified candidates, conducting an extensive search process, and providing expert assessments.

New clients receive a 30% discount on the success fee. Contact us today at infowb@talentor.com, to learn more!