What Are the Different Types of Recruitment Services & Which One Is the Right for You?​

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What Are the Different Types of Recruitment Services & Which One Is the Right for You?

types of recruitment services

In the present era, recruitment is becoming more and more popular, and pro-active talent sourcing has become a must-have recruitment strategy.

Talent sourcing is the starting point of the recruitment process. The main challenge is finding the right candidates and convincing them that your client’s company is the best workplace for them.

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Different Types of Recruitment Services

Companies that need to source and hire but cannot do so economically with internal resources or are unwilling to make a large investment in recruiting technology or full-time recruiting staff can use one of several recruitment services.

Recruitment agencies help clients improve the recruitment process and hire the best talent.

There are four types of recruitment services:

1. Contingency

Contingency recruiting service is an outsourced recruiting service. The recruitment company gets paid when the candidate they selected is hired. The recruiters try to find as many possible candidates in a short period of time. Both the client and the agency can work with multiple agencies and clients respectively.

How does this process work?

First, the client gives a clear description of the open position. Then, the agency starts sourcing and finding the best candidate for the position. They interview the candidate and submit his application to the hiring client.

Then, the hiring client interviews the candidate and makes an offer. If the candidate accepts and works there for a specific period of time, the client pays a fee to the agency.

2. Retainer

A retainer recruiting service is when a recruitment agency has a dedicated team of recruiters who will support the selection process by hiring the best talent. The team of recruiters finds qualified candidates and negotiates with them. Negations include discussing benefits and salary range.

A retainer is an amount of money paid in advance of work done. The recruitment company requires an upfront retainer and a percentage of the salary of the position. Whether a candidate is hired or not, the recruitment agency gets paid.

Retainer consists of three payments:

  • Prepayment (to start the project)
  • Shortlist (when candidates are sourced, pre-screened, and interviewed)
  • Commission (when the candidate is hired)

Companies use it when they don’t have an in-house recruiter, or they need extra help with a full-cycle recruitment process.

3. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

When it comes to RPO, there are 2 possibilities:

  • Full-Scale RPO
  • On-Demand RPO

Full-Scale RPO operates as a company’s internal recruitment function. Therefore, RPO controls all aspects of the recruitment process and it usually happens when the internal HR cannot handle the process.

Full-scale RPO recruiters are responsible for sourcing, screening, hiring, and finally onboarding candidates. Also, this service can help clients improve their benefits and accomplish company goals.

On-Demand RPO or ‘recruiter on demand’ is not a long-term contract. Clients usually use it in case of unexpected hiring needs. On-Demand RPO means that the client requires only some aspects of recruitment such as sourcing and coordination. Therefore, companies only pay for services that they need.

4. Staffing

Staffing is a service used to staff a company with consultants rather than permanent employees.

Staffing includes:

  • estimating the number of employees needed,
  • searching for potential applicants,
  • selecting the best candidates,
  • and training them for the position.

Companies usually choose a staffing service when they need to fill multiple positions. There is a specific budget and time frame within which the positions should be filled.

Recruiting for one opening is a short-term goal; once the job opening is filled, the recruitment process is over. In contrast, staffing is a continuous process. There are always new opportunities that emerge within a company that requires the recruitment of new employees. The staffing process is always repeating.

Recruitment is just one process in staffing. Staffing includes recruiting the employees by evaluating their skills and offering them a specific position accordingly.

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