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What is Embedded Recruitment: Definition and Benefits

Are you looking to hire new employees quickly and efficiently?  

Consider embedded recruitment!  

If you’re looking to hire seasonal employees for your new projects or you’d rather not spend money on hiring an in-house recruiter, then this service is perfect for you. 

With this strategy, a dedicated recruiter is stationed within your company to manage all recruitment work, closely matching your company’s culture and goals.  

This approach makes hiring faster and better, giving you the talent you need to take your business to the next level.  

What is Embedded Recruitment: Definition and Benefits

As the name suggests, embedded recruitment occurs when a recruiter is literally “embedded” into your organization. In other words, they become a member of your team as any other employee would. 

This service is suitable for those who require seasonal employees for their new projects or those who prefer not to spend money on hiring a recruiter to work in their company. 

Embedded recruitment is suitable for hiring in critical positions, such as senior professionals, managers, and executives. The service also includes a 1-month replacement guarantee for an embedded recruiter. 

The embedded recruiter supports a startup or scale-up to grow their team while becoming part of their internal recruitment team, and they‘re exclusively working for a certain period for that company (3, 6, or 12 months). 

Some key elements of this model include: 

  • Having a special recruiter who is physically located inside an office to help with hiring; 
  • This person works closely with the hiring manager to make the recruitment process as smooth and efficient as possible; 
  • They focus on finding candidates who fit well with the company’s culture and values; 
  • Using creative methods like employee referrals and social media recruiting to find the best talent; 
  • Reporting and analyzing their success to improve the process further. 

Benefits of embedded recruitment

1. Focus on Your Company’s Core Business 

By outsourcing recruitment through embedded recruiters, companies can focus on their core tasks. With the embedded recruiter in charge of the recruitment process, there is no need to train a new team, and talent acquisition can be scaled as needed.  

This can reduce delays and costs and free up HR teams to tackle other issues. Additionally, your HR team can focus on pressing issues within the organization rather than spending time building pipelines or going through initial screenings or interviews with candidates – all of which can be especially challenging. 

2. Increased Scalability of Hires 

Embedded recruiters are experienced recruiters who excel in finding, assessing, and hiring qualified talent quickly and efficiently.  

They are experts in the industries they serve and the positions they recruit for. With their proven track record of implementing solutions, they can help companies achieve scalability, improve the quality of hires, and reduce costs.  

Although they are part of the team for an extended period, they act more as strategic partners than transactional-based recruiters. 

3. Consistent Candidate experience 

Your embedded recruiters will be part of your team and work in your office like any other employee. They will be involved in meetings and events, and this helps them understand your company culture and values, which they can use to find candidates who fit well with your organization.  

They will also ensure candidates have a positive experience throughout the recruitment process. By having a designated recruiter handle recruiting, candidates are less likely to be forgotten or ignored. This creates a positive impression of your company and makes it easier to recruit in the future. 

Our Success Story

Our recruiter, Sarah, worked 7 months as an embedded recruiter for Forsta. 

Forsta is an IT company that builds and runs a research platform that allows clients to gather and analyze data, providing insights that help clients boost their business.  

They needed an embedded recruiter, and Sarah joined them as support in hiring tech and business roles.  

Her daily tasks included: 

  • Screening and interviewing candidates, 
  • Reporting to hiring managers,  
  • Selecting and shortlisting the best talent  
  • Giving feedback and sending final offers.  

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