Hire the best people, fast

Hire the best people, fast

In the job market, the trump card is figuring out exactly what kind of candidate you’re after.

This blog is all about the struggles that your organization faces when you‘re not sure what you want and then the whole candidate-search is easier said than done.

Maybe you think you want a junior-level challenge, but you’re secretly hoping for something more advanced.

We know things can be tough, but we’re here to help. We can talk to you, listen to your needs, and figure things out step by step together.

Here is an example:

For instance:

a) Picture this: You’re advertising for a beginner-level role in sales, but deep down, you’re dreaming of someone with more advanced sales skills. The catch? The job description feels like it’s stuck in the past. We step in to help make things clearer and smoother for everyone.

b) Or maybe you’re rejecting potential job matches without really knowing why. It’s a bit like saying, “Nah, this project just doesn’t feel right,” without being able to explain why.

Our team has experience in different jobs and places, supports organizations like yours to figure out exactly what kind of candidate will make you do a happy dance.

With our support, you can tackle these challenges and make hiring way less confusing and a whole lot more successful.

What does the process really look like?

Grab some popcorn and relax. Getting there is simple.

We have a chat with you to really understand what you’re looking for in a person to join your team.

We’re not just focusing on buzzwords; we want to know your needs and the kind of personality that would fit in well.

Once we’ve had that talk, we put together an agency brief. This is where we cover all the important details about the job – what you’re looking for and the soft skills a candidate should have.

More than 85% of the candidates we recommend meet the criteria you’re looking for. And the best news is, within just 28 days of starting the project, you’ll have 3 to 5 candidates ready to go.

Dive into our case study– we are not just bragging; we’re proving to you that choosing us as your recruitment agency is the right way to go.

An extra benefit

Have peace of mind with our replacement guarantee – because finding the right fit is like dating; if it’s not a match made in career heaven, we’ll keep the search alive until you get that ‘this is the one’ feeling.

Hey, let’s have a chat!

We’re not your typical recruitment agency – we cover the whole Balkan scene in a friendly, down-to-earth way. Whether it’s IT, Executive roles, or the BPO industry, we’ve got your back.

We’ve recently joined Talentor International, a group of recruitment agencies making waves on every continent.

We’ve teamed up with  international startups to household names like AT&T, IBM, Symphony, Hrvatski Telekom, Forsta, OLX, Concentrix + Webhelp, Lufthansa, Telemach, Finshark, BinBin.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect candidate, let’s make it happen together!

Looking to attract talented individuals?

We’ll share all the information, and you can decide what you want to do.

Book a conversation with us: info@popcornrecruiters.com! 

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