How to Cancel an Interview?

How to Cancel an Interview?

Canceling an interview has always been difficult. You start to worry that you’ll appear disinterested or unprofessional, and you’re unsure how to handle it.  

We’ve all been there and understand how challenging it can be.  

Good news: we have a solution!  

Learn how to cancel an interview to avoid being unprofessional or rude! 

How to Cancel an Interview?

You applied for a job and were invited to an interview. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, you are unable to attend it. You begin to panic because you really want the position you applied for and are concerned that the employer will think you’re not interested.  

Don’t worry because we’ve got your back!  

Canceling an interview is never easy, but if you know how to do it professionally and politely, you won’t have to worry about the rest.   

First, check out our list of 3 acceptable reasons you can use to cancel an interview:  

1. You have an emergency

 This could be a family emergency. You should not feel guilty about it; if the reason is not too sensitive, you can share it with the hiring manager. If you don’t want to share it, it’s OK to say that you have a family emergency and would appreciate it if they could reschedule the interview. 

2. You’re ill

Being ill is more than a valid enough reason to reschedule your interview. You don’t want to show up sick for your interview. First, think about the outcome of the interview. You will be unable to demonstrate your actual skills and knowledge. Thus, you will be doing them a favor by not spreading germs.  

3. You have an unresolved issue at work

If you have an emergency at your current job, don’t hesitate to tell the hiring manager about it. This will show how responsible and dedicated you’re to your job duties.  


We’ve told you about acceptable reasons for canceling an interview.  

Now, read more about how to cancel an interview in a professional and polite manner. 

1. Give plenty of notice 

Contact the hiring manager as soon as possible to inform them that you won’t be able to come to the interview. If you wouldn’t like to reschedule, let them know at least two days before the interview, if possible 

2. Call if you’re canceling at the last minute 

If something happens unexpectedly, call the hiring manager. This way, they will get your message sooner than by sending them an email. This will also show the manager that you value other people and their time.  

3. Stay kind

Remember always to be polite and honest. This is important for your future career and shows the hiring manager that you could easily fit into any team. It is also a sign of your good communication skills.  

4. Apologize

Finally, you should apologize for the inconvenience. If your reason for canceling is valid, they will understand and probably give you another chance. 

5. Follow up

If you cancel an interview and haven’t scheduled another one, don’t forget to request a reschedule. If you plan a reschedule, you need to be sure that the hiring manager got the message.  

You can send them an email, but if you notice that you haven’t received any response, call the hiring manager.  

6. Reschedule

For rescheduling, provide the hiring manager with alternative days and times that work for you. This will show that you’re eager to meet with them. 

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