How Popcorn Recruiters Academy Helped Anida Get a Job in Recruitment

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How Rialda Changed Her Career Path to Recruitment

The Popcorn Recruiters Academy legacy started in November 2020, when we decided to host a training for students and recent graduates who were eager to build their careers in the area of recruitment. Popcorn Recruiters received more than 100 applications and, after carefully screening each and every candidate, 12 were selected to attend the academy.

The event lasted for two days and the participants got an opportunity to learn about full-cycle recruitment, conducting competency-based interviews, building Boolean strings, market intelligence, and launching a recruitment marketing campaign.

Popcorn Recruiters Internship 👩‍💻👨‍💻

Shortly after the academy, we launched our very first (official) Popcorn Recruiters Internship program! We were thrilled when we received 40 applications from young, ambitious candidates looking to start their careers in recruitment. The choice was hard but what made us proud was to notice that the top 5 candidates all attended the Popcorn Recruiters Academy.

This year, we decided to switch things up a bit! Instead of receiving applications for Popcorn Recruiters Internship, we interviewed a few of Popcorn Recruitment Academy attendees for the role of interns in our company!

Keep reading to find out what our newest intern has to say about her experience at Popcorn Recruiters!

Anida’s Journey to Becoming a Popcorn Recruiter 🍿

Meet Anida, a Popcorn Recruiters Academy attendee who started her recruitment career as a Popcorn Recruiters Intern.

Now, she is a trusted Popcorn Recruiter who managed to make a hire in the first month of her internship!

Here’s what she had to say about the entire journey.

“Ever since I became a student of psychology, I’ve been passionate about HR and the recruitment industry. I’ve been looking for a way to take the first step in my career a few months before I’ve noticed a call for Popcorn Recruiters Academy. Luckily, I didn’t find one 😊

To be more clear, I found one course that was a miles away from my student budget and I’ve been rejected a few times by companies I’ve asked for an internship position, since I didn’t have any experience in the field. 

People often say that January is a pretty depressive month, but this year mine was great!

Shortly after New Year’s eve euphoria, I’ve noticed an invite to apply for Popcorn Recruiters Academy on my LinkedIn. Taking a closer look, I couldn’t believe it was completely free! I applied and I’ve been chosen to attend the academy as one of 20 attendees.

The academy lasted for 5 days and was truly useful. Amazing Popcorn’s crew did a great job covering the main burning topics of recruitment – changing trends of employing, recruitment marketing, talent sourcing and interviews conducting. Workshops were interactional. We were not just passive listeners, which I find very important. 

On the last day of the academy, we had a chance to show acquired knowledge by doing the task. I put an extra effort and I’ve done my best. The last question was „Are you interested in an internship at Popcorn Recruiters?“ which I happily marked „yes.“

A few days later, I’ve received one of my favorite e-mails ever – I’ve been chosen to join Popcorn Recruiters as an intern! 

And here I am, learning and growing as a recruiter in a great team with supportive mentors. All I can say is that, thanks to Popcorn, 2022 is definitely my year!”

Anida Aletić, Talent Research Intern

Are you interested in the world of recruitment? Would you like to gain experience working as an agency recruitment?

Then, you’ve come to the right place! We’re always looking for new talent to join our team.

Stay tuned – we are preparing a new Popcorn Recruiters Academy this summer! Follow us on social media to stay up to date with the latest news regarding this event.