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Popcorn Recruiters & Talentor Spain: Servitalent on Recruitment in Spain

Talentor Spain

As of recently, we became part of the Talentor International group and Popcorn Recruiters can now connect with global companies and markets.  

This was our opportunity to connect with businesses worldwide and we were happy when we received an invitation from Servitalent to meet with them. 

This opened up new possibilities and allowed us to expand our network. We’re looking forward to new challenges in the future! 

Curious about Servitalent? They’re a company that offers various services. Want to know more? Check out our blog for all the details!

Who is Servitalent – Gestión del Talento Directivo?

We recently had a chance to meet with the Talentor Spain team at Servitalent – Gestión del Talento Directivo! We had an “e-coffee” with them, and it was an incredible opportunity to get to know each other better. But that’s not all – we also got to dive deep into the talent markets of both Bosnia and Spain! 

We also interviewed Alberto F. Varela, CEO of Servitalent, and asked him about the company and talent availability in Spain.

Tell us a little bit about Talentor Spain!

Talentor Spain is a recruitment agency that operates in Spain as Servitalent.  

Servitalent – Talentor Spain is an international network of recruitment agencies present in more than 35 countries. We aim to help clients find the right talent to drive their businesses forward. 

Our headquarters are in Vigo, with commercial offices in Madrid, Bilbao, Valencia, and Seville 

We work in various industries, including manufacturing, automotive, energy, and engineering, and offer these services:  

  • recruitment,  
  • interim management,
  • RPO services. 

What are the most important factors for a foreign company when looking for talent in Spain?

Spain is a diverse country with different regions and cities, each with unique characteristics and talent pools. Therefore, it is a great location for investing and searching for talented individuals. 

Also, Spain has a highly educated workforce, with many graduates in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. When looking for talent, it’s important to consider candidates’ education and experience in the relevant fields. 

What are the most searched positions in your market by foreign companies? 

Foreign companies operating in Spain typically have diverse hiring needs, depending on the industry they operate in and their specific business objectives.  

However, some positions are common in high demand: 

  • Software developers  
  • Sales and marketing professionals 
  • Financial analysts 
  • Tax Advisors 
  • Engineers (overall civil, mechanical, and electrical) 
  • Data analysts and scientists

Do you have any experience with the Bosnian market? 

We have never worked in this region before. However, there are two main activities that we consider some Spanish companies are interested in: 

Infrastructure: Spain has been involved in several infrastructure projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the construction of highways and other transportation infrastructure. Spanish construction and engineering firms have been active in the country, and there may be further opportunities for cooperation in this area. 

Energy: Spain is a significant producer of renewable energy, particularly wind power. There may be opportunities for Spanish companies to invest in renewable energy projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Talentor Bosnia and Herzegovina and Talentor Spain are officially connected, and we’re looking forward to our future collaboration!